Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Micah 7: 7-9, Psalm 27, John 9: 1-41

Will I ever live to tell
of the deep and scary swell
that through grace, becomes the place
in me you dwell?

I, a sinner, errant through;
my deeds and thoughts so far from you,
puffed with pride and blind inside,
I'm made anew.

You knew man and called my name,
healing me from all my shame.
You admonish and astonish,
love and never blame.

You are great beyond compare,
dazzling light and presence fair.
Doubt erased, your mystery faced
life a constant prayer.

In your creation don't forsake;
whisper to us, we'll awake
to sing, to dance, to be entranced
in praises to partake.

Here is a world of hide and seek
fatal past and future bleak;
may you surpass what we amass;
then we're complete.

Rosemary Jarman

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