Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday of the First Week of Lent

Isaiah 55: 10-11, Psalm 34, Matthew 6: 7-1

Setting: February 23, 2010, 12:15 PM Daily Mass at the Church of the Incarnation

Isaiah 55, 10-11: First, I heard an ancient, seemingly obtuse description on some facet of the original creation – but, then I sensed a prophetic description of the gift of Christian life I was given and the need to respond to this love of God in my life’s work.

Psalm 34: This brings to mind the many ways and means available to me, and the results obtained by others, to seek God’s help in living a Christian life amidst the trials and tribulations of my hectic life. Or, “knock and the door will open” as often suggested in spiritual direction encounters.

Matthew 6, 7-15: Now, I’m reminded the Our Father is the way of ways to pause and express my basic needs to the Creator, and to myself. When I encounter obstacles to Christian behavior in my daily life, this is the Gold Standard for “rebooting” my operating system and letting the Holy Spirit function once again.

Later Reflections: The Collegeville Commentary for Psalms, says this about Psalm 34: “Anyone who is wise will, by right conduct, join the company of the righteous and thus enjoy God’s favor.”

This triad reminds me of what I am – and can be – as a creature of God. I can always return to my busy day in a renewed state. I can meet its challenges, witness God’s love, and resume apostolic behavior in my ever present effort toward an evening prayer beginning with the Our Father. Finally, I come full circle to something I read years ago in the “Catholic Catechism for Adults: “Thus, it [Our Father] brings us into communion with the Father and the Holy Spirit.”

Perry Sennewald

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